Localization is the process whereby terms related to a product or software are sometimes not directly translated, but are instead adapted to the target geography and ethnic group by using terms that are appropriate for the local market.

Localization process includes the following stages:

  • Carefully checking the critical texts and getting approval of the customer and/or the local expert before submitting the finished work.
  • Translating and localizing critical texts such as advertising slogans elaborately, presenting different translation alternatives to the customer and getting approval of the customer before submitting the finished work..
  • Adaptation of numbers, dates, currencies and measurement units to the target language.
  • Adaptation of names, addresses and similar information to the target language through their cultural equivalents.

Now you can develop your software prepared through different editors for your users all over the world.

• Software source code translation
• Help file translation
• Software tools translation
• Display image translation
• Software User’s Guide translation