Yönetim Mesajı


Quality, quality, quality… Most probably, this is a word that all of us are accustomed to hear in all of the company presentations or from every seller! We have to use this word by further strengthening its meaning for some sectors:

The best quality! We, as Baraka Translation, are trying to provide the best quality in each of our projects from one line to 5 thousand pages. Naturally, it is a very difficult task to provide the best quality in the shortest time possible. Because, translation work is a work that requires time, carefulness and highest level of knowledge.

Our aim is to ensure that our customers believe that the best result for the works they entrust is only obtained from Baraka. For all of the services we render with this aim, accurately meeting the demands of our customers sometimes requires working all night long.

Yet, we are getting rid of the stress and exhaustion of a project we have performed with a sincere appreciation from you even if we have not received the payment yet! As a result of our profession, we are very pleased to work with different people from different countries and share their business concepts in this globalizing world wherein the borders are being eliminated. We will go on walking towards our aims.

We think that our aims are right for everybody and thanks to this we will look into the future confidently. I wish success for all of the producing, working and sharing people.

Cihan Başarır
Chairman of the Board