We translate all kinds of your correspondences, contracts and technical, legal, medical, financial, artistic documents, advertisements, thesis, reports and researches.

Our written translation services can be classified as follows;

• Special Commercial translations
• Advertisement, Marketing, Product Guidelines, Printing, etc.
• Standard translations
• General correspondence translations
• Legal translations
• Draft and revised agreements, contracts, resolutions, etc.
• Academic and Scientific translations
• Researches, Thesis, Homework, etc.
• Technical translations
• User’s guides, service manuals, technical presentation translations, etc.

Your translations are made in accordance with specific standards;

• Your data to be translated is received by our coordinator and transferred to the translation department.
• A terminology work special to your company is performed in our translation department if such a work has not been performed before and it is submitted for your approval.
• The exact deadline for the work is determined according to the opinions of the translator(s) and in a way that it suitable for you.
• Translation performed by the translator is checked for any possible errors. Errors determined at this stage are corrected completely and the translation is prepared for being delivered to you perfectly.
• Translation is made ready for printing in our typesetting department in such a way that the typesetting and page-setting is in the best format you demand.
• The translation and typesetting are visually checked for the last time.
• All of our translators are certified translators. All of the transactions related to notarization of your documents by the public notary are arranged and performed by us on behalf of you.
• All of the translations are backed up and recorded in our data bank according to the customer information, date and the number or subject of the translation.