Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge fee for typesetting service in different formats?

Yes. A certain fee is charged per every page of text worked on by the operator for the typesetting process which takes almost as much time as the translation process. This fee is determined according to the program to be used and estimated time to be spent on the work.

How do you receive your payments?

We receive our payments upon delivery of the work or in certain periods according to our agreement with the customer. It’s possible to make the payment to our bank accounts or with cash or credit card.

What do you ask from us during the terminology work?

During our terminology work, if requested, our translator meets with one of your company’s experts who has full knowledge of the issue to determine the terms to be used in the translation. The final draft of the prepared terminology is submitted to the company’s approval and then the translation work starts.

Can I receive my previous translations again?

You can easily receive your previous translations made by Baraka again by indicating the subject, date or unique project code of the translation.

What if I’m not satisfied with your translation?

We submit our translations to our customers only after we ensure that they’re completely correct. If you think there’s a mistake in the translation, please notify us. The translation will be checked again until the customer is satisfied with the translation. But at this point we want to mention that what we do is translation and we can’t add any extra meaning to the text. Upon request of our customer, the translation can also be checked in the country of the target language.

My text includes many repeating words and sentences, will those be deducted from the price?

For these kinds of texts, price is determined upon prior review of the documents to be translated and considering the repeating parts.

How are notarization transactions followed?

Your document that needs notarization, after being translated and checked, is arranged properly for notarization and signed and stamped by the certified translator who made the translation. If the notarization transaction is followed by us, we make the payment at the notary’s office and take the receipt on behalf of the customer and receive this payment from the customer upon submitting the documents.

If we work with you on a continuous basis, would there be a price discount?

We make discounts for our regular customers at varying rates according to the work load. This discount is applied to the price offer given to our customer for every new project or per page.

Sometimes we urgently need translation of just one sentence, is this also counted as one page?

No. In Baraka, when the list of payments is prepared according to the payment period agreed with our corporate customer, for instance at the end of 15 days, the number of pages of this kind of daily translations is calculated by dividing the total number of characters by 1000.

What are your working hours?

24 hours a day over the Internet, and between 09:00-18:00 o’clock for delivery by hand or courier.

How is the price of a translation determined?

The price of a translation is determined according to the target language, specialty and type of delivery. After the translation price is determined, our coordinator will inform you.

How can I send you the documents to be translated?

You can send the documents to us by e-mail, fax, post, courier or submit them to our office by hand.